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ROCKO Barbell - The Dutch & Co. Bamboo Bar

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The Rocko Barbell (AKA Bamboo Bar) is an important tool in the building of strength, improving form, and preventing injury. Bamboo bars are no longer the secret weapon of elite athletes. Now every home gym athlete can enjoy the benefits of a bamboo bar. Foundational bamboo bar exercises include bench press, overhead press, and squat. Engineered to direct oscillating kinetic energy (OKE) from weighted bands to the glutes, legs, shoulders, biceps, elbows, and lower back for the purpose of developing stabilizing muscles, improving form, and promoting healthy joint function. 

Specifications: Length 86," Diameter 1.25," Weight 7.5 lb

Material: Durable Composite Resin

Engineered, Designed and Built in the USA

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5-Stars - Very functional fitness tool. I find it works really well for my shoulder rehab. The instability of the motion really makes the core fire and strengthens ligaments. Very good craftsmanship on this bar.

— M. Hunter, Nov 9, 2020

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